Bulk Menu + Pricing

View our complete list of natural, sustainable, organic, bulk refillable products from local and Canadian brands that you'll love and enjoy!

2021 bulk re/fill pricing

per fluid oz (30ml)

per gram

Cleaning + Laundry

Mint Cleaning All Purpose Cleaner

.43 cents

Mint Cleaning  Window

.31 cents

Mint Cleaning Dish Soap

.53 cents

Mint Cleaning Laundry Detergent

.40 cents

BeClean Naturally Lemongrass Laundry Detergent

.40 cents

BeClean Naturally Commercial Citrus Hand Soap

.35 cents

BeClean Naturally Pink Grapefruit Dish Soap

.46 cents

BeClean Naturally Peroxide Stain Remover 1.7kg

Sold in 1.7 kg units $17

Tru Earth Laundry Strips

.99 per (1 strip = 2 loads)

Fresh Linen/ Unscented

Eco Living Club (Squamish Based) 

.89 per (1 strip = 2 loads)

Spring Fresh 

Bath + Beauty

Carina Organics Hand Soap(s)

.74 cents

Lavender/ Grapefruit/ Peppermint/ Unscented/Sweet Pea

Carina Organics Hydrating Skin Lotion 

$1.15 per

Citrus/ Baby Unscented

Carina Organics Shampoo + Body Wash

0.78 cents

Lavender/ Grapefruit/ Baby Unscented

Carina Organics Conditioner

.78 cents

Lavender/ Grapefruit/ Unscented

Carina Organics Regular Shampoo

.78 cents

Citrus Daily/ Citrus Extra Gentle/ Unscented Anti-Dandruff

Carina Organics Baby Bubble Bath (Sweet Pea)


Carina Organics Hair Care + Styling (Sweet Pea)

.78 cents 

Leave-in Conditioner, Hair Gel, Hair Styling Spray

Routine. Natural Deodorant

.41 cents

Like a Boss, Sexy Sadie, SuperStar, The Curator

58G Jar re/fill $24

Bulk Epsom Soak Salts

$6.99 600g/ $11.99 kg

The Basics (Pantry)

Bulk Himalayan Pink Salt

$14.99 600g / $19.99 1kg

Course/ Fine

Bulk Dead Sea Salt

$8.99 600g / $14.99 1kg

Course/ Fine

Bulk Baking Soda

$6.99 600g / $11.99 1kg