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Bamboo Facial Tissue


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Earth friendly, tree free!

Roll Up's 100% FSC Bamboo Tissue Paper is now available at WeFill!

Plush, soft, antimicrobial tissues are great to have on hand (and nose) for the home and business. You never know when you might need one or two!

Best of all you'll be happy to know that your next sneeze doesn't come with any disposable plastic, toxic chemicals or deforestation of wild life habitat.

Roll Up Facial Tissues are compostable and biodegradable so safe to use on septic tanks and RV/Campers as they completely dissolve. No added scents or dyes, just pure FSC renewable bamboo fibres.

70 sheets per box. Each tissue is 19.5cm x 20cm.

Grab a box or few and feel good about your impact! And we hope those allergies clear up soon too!