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Beeswax Sandwich Bags Set


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Natural, reusable, sandwich and snack bags are 100% biodegradable and a more eco-friendly way to enjoy your lunch or snacks. Made from ingredients you feel good about, beeswax wrap is an alternative to plastic wrap  and has built in natural antibacterial properties too!

The cute Gingham print brings nostalgic thoughts of country meadows and picnic blankets under the trees. Each design is created to enhance your life with beautiful design and bring colours and patterns that are vibrant and fun.

100% natural beeswax is harvested by pesticide-free beekeepers. A mix of beeswax, pesticide-free pine resin, and coconut oil is applied to sheets of pure cotton. Finished beeswax wrap is washable, reusable , and fully compostable.

Comes in a set of two!

Durable and long lasting Ecologie wraps seal or wrap tightly with the warmth of your hand. To clean rinse under cold water with a mild soap and lay flat to air dry. After about one year of use throw it in your compost bin! It is also biodegradable!