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Invito Coffee beans are sustainably and ethically grown on their family-owned 42 hectare farm in heart of Monteverde coffee region of Costa Rica.

Harvested coffee beans are picked, washed, milled, fermented, and processed with the highest standards, ensuring the best quality and flavour. Whole coffee beans are then shipped and roasted to perfection in Vancouver!

WeFill delivers Invito Coffee, in sustainable, refillable glass jars, right to your door or business and will also collect your empty coffee jars too!

How does it work?

1. Shop online
2. Coffee is delivered to you in (340g) a refillable mason jar
3. Reorder as needed online and we will pick up your empty jar or return your jar for a $1.50 credit towards your next purchase or refill.
4. We clean, sanitize and refill the jars, completing the zero waste cycle.

Finally you can ditch single use packaging without sacrificing coffee quality! The mason jars keep coffee fresh for weeks, as long as they are stored away from sunlight.

We have three delicious options currently available:

Espresso Roast

Invito's espresso roast, single origin, premium coffee represents the beauty of Costa Rica that is full bodied and bright, but still giving you that smooth and creamy cup that chocolate lovers will enjoy.

Medium Roast

Invito Coffee medium roast, single origin, specialty representing the beauty of Costa Rican grown beans, with amazing floral aromatics, and carefully balanced citrus notes that you come to expect from this world renowned region.


Decaf Roast

For those that love the flavour but not the caffeine!