Banneton Bread Proofing Baskets

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Baking your own bread is the ultimate zero waste kitchen activity, and it is weirdly addicting. Of course! Very delicious and a wholesome kitchen staple for you and yours. 

Level up your bread making skills with Banneton bread proofing baskets! Get that professional look and crunch! Whether it's an elaborate sourdough boule or a loaf of seeded rye, these natural rattan dough proofing baskets are a must have for any baker.

Bread proofing baskets will give bread a better rise and a uniform shape, which leads to better texture and a crunchier crust after baking. These handsome baskets can serve double duty as a serving basket for baked bread, buns or chips. Use an elastic liner (sold separately here) with your Banneton basket to create a smooth top on your bread. Dough Capacity: 500-750g

Each bread proofing basket is handmade with no dyes or chemicals from natural rattan.

These baskets will last forever and are super easy care for. Simply clean the Banneton basket with a stiff dish brush and warm water. Rinse & lay upside down to dry. Do not use soap and do not soak them.

Great gift for beginner bread bakers, aspiring and even professional bread bakers alike.