Pre-Rolled Reusable Non Paper Towels

Cheeks Ahoy

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Eliminate the use of paper towels and napkins with this eco-friendly replacement!


★ wiping messy hands and faces after meals

★ spill clean-up

★ washing and drying dishes

★ mealtime napkins

★ lint-free cleaning and dusting Always keep a spare or two in your pocket to use as a handkerchief

Pre-rolled on a sturdy kraft paper tube, use with any paper towel dispenser. Each Non Paper Towel is single ply and measures 12"x10". Made from 100% cotton

Care: Non Paper Towels are not pre-washed, so to fluff up the fibres and reach maximum absorbency, wash and dry a couple of times before putting them to work.

Handmade in Ontario, Canada