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Safety Shaver

Life UnPacked

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The last razor you'll ever need to buy!

Our razor handles have a stainless steel handle and a zinc alloy head with matte rose gold colour plating. With proper care, this beauty will last you for years.

Say so long to traditional plastic razors and hello to the best zero waste safety razor available in Canada.

The recyclable, environmentally friendly, straight blade, metal razor provides the closest possible shave and removes hair precisely and without the usual nasty razor burn.Gone are the days of suffering through skin irritation or ingrown hairs due to the inferior disposable ones.

You sure can do a lot of good for the planet just by making this one simple switch! Consider switching today and give your body and the earth the love it deserves.

- A closer, smoother shave (shave less often)
- Limiting ingrown hairs and razor irritation
- Ditching the plastic and toxic chemicals
- Saving money on razor refills
- Canadian
- Eco-Friendly
- Plastic Free
- Reusable
- Available in Rose Gold, or White
- Compatible with Double-Sided Razor Blades
- Zero-Waste

*This item does not come with razor blades. However are available for purchase separately here.

Pair this purchase with a bottle of Routine's Natural Body Oil which is the equivalent of a Swiss Army knife for your personal bath and body care needs! Fabulous for shaving, removing make up, massage, hair mask, split ends and it cleanses and nourishes your skin oil over!