Earth Month 2022: Invest in Our Planet

Posted by Jennifer Mooney on

This month of awareness every April, is a global call to the people, governments and businesses of the world to stand up for eco justice. The time to act is now.

Our climate is irrevocably changing. We have all seen it, experienced it in some way, shape or form. We can’t look away any longer. We can’t rationalize the destruction of our only home any longer.  

How many species have gone extinct since the industrial revolution?  How many great ocean garbage patches are there now? How many summers have you endured with blacked out skies and air quality indexes off the charts? Then just last week gut punch. Scientist have discovered micro plastics in human blood for the first time.

It has been a whole four years since Greta Thuneberg at the young age of 15 started protesting outside of the Swedish parliament buildings and brought climate action to a world audience. What has changed since her first Skolstrejk for Klimatet? According to Greta, still nothing but empty promises.

We just can’t rely on our Governments to make change fast enough. Profits over people are still in hot debate. Even as we see record shattering climatic events all over the world every single day. Politics, big business and the muffling of scientists and climate activists have all played their role in stalling.  

Are we coming together as a united force? Or do we just have to take personal responsibility for ourselves, our actions and the world we create?

Absolutely, we do.

How can we fight for climate justice? How can we make our voices heard?

The answer is simple. Start at home. Yes, that is right. Start in your kitchen, your bathroom, your laundry room. You have a choice everyday to contribute or not through purchasing or consuming wasteful, toxic and polluting single use products. Yes, they are cheap to buy now but the long term cost is outrageous, and one that we can’t afford. Even the billionaires know this.

But why do eco friendly products cost so much more?

The why is simple. It often costs more money for ingredients because they are pure, natural and not synthetic. Eco friendly products are made in small batches by small businesses. They are better made, last longer, hold their value, and some times just one little zero waste swap will be the last one you’ll ever need to make.

Yes, making better lifestyle changes can be an investment. But think of it this way. You are investing in a small sustainable business, a maker, or an innovator. You are investing in higher quality and non toxic ingredients which benefits you, your health and those around you. You are investing in the local, green, circular economy, and actively creating more space and opportunities in the process. 

New innovative, earth loving products are pushing out old guard, status quo, polluting, and faceless corporations that just want to make a buck and then give no f**ks.

Every time you make a small sustainable swap, you are voting with your money. YOU ARE INVESTING IN OUR PLANET.  

Don’t ever think for a moment you don’t matter because you do!

Happy Earth Month!


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