WeFill FAQ's

WeFill was born with a mission. 

To provide refillable and natural, kitchen, bath, body care essentials, cleaning products, laundry solutions, organic baby care, farm to table season offerings, and a variety of low to zero waste life style products.

Our offerings are free from harmful chemicals and single-use plastic packaging. We make it more convenient to choose better by delivering directly to your home or business and fitting into your busy schedule. WeFill for YOU! It's a personalized refillery experience like no other.

Taking on a fresh new approach in meeting the demands of our ever changing world. We can’t ignore that our world events are changing the way we all think, act and consume. 

Here in the Sea to Sky corridor, we saw that there is a common desire to do better. Better for our communities and the world. Together, through choosing wiser, only buying what we need, and refilling the containers we already have- we can be part of the collective and conscious shift to a more stronger, local, and circular economy.

One thing is for sure. We CAN do things differently and better all at the same time!

WeFill promises to source local, regional and Canadian made quality goods first. Second, we provide innovative, sustainable and economical solutions for everyone and anyone adopting a low waste lifestyle.

Easily order refillable products online, using our containers or your own. Stay tuned by following us on social @wefillzerowastemarket.


You will be happy to know that WeFill has meticulously researched, tested and vetted a variety of natural low waste products through decades of experience of trying to eliminate harmful chemicals from our routine and importantly reduce our environmental impact. You name it, we've tried it! The final result is that WeFill stands 100% behind all the fabulous, quality, low waste living essentials we carry.

Carina Organics, Tru-Earth, Eco Living Club, Nelson Naturals, Mint Cleaning, Be Clean Naturally, Routine. Cream, Brush Naked, Jarware, Now Designs, Damselfly Creative, Honr Labs,  WestPoint Naturals, ROLLUp, Life UNpacked, Nature's Aid, Love Attack and Nixit  just to name a few!


We have something even better! Our refillery shop is mobile and comes to you! Currently we are offering online ordering, same day deliveries, house calls, seasonal pop up markets and special events! WeFill would love to be part of your next local event, private neighbourhood shopping parties just drop us a line refill@wefillmobilemarketandrefillery.ca and we'll be there!

Don't forget to stay in the know by signing up for our e-newsletter or follow us on social @wefillzerowastemarket.

DO YOU REFILLs (BULK ) ONLINE? Yes! WeFill Mobile Market and Refillery is available online any time day or night! Shop from the comfort of your own home. No need to wonder if we are open, wait in a long lines, or lug around heavy awkward containers. We are here to make this an exceptionally easy and personalized refilling experience. Select either prefilled options or refill options from the drop down menu in each refillable product (depending on your needs) leave your containers outside by 9am and we'll do the rest. Your order will be filled and delivered on the next scheduled delivery day for your area.

Currently we offer three awesome options for refilling

1. Purchase prefilled or refill options online. Our prefilled products come in sustainable glass containers (great way to get started for first time WeFillers). Bottle deposits are already factored into the prefilled prices. Or simply use your own containers, the ones you already have on hand! The jars and pumps can be re-used again and again and you save money on the refills too!

When choosing a product select the prefilled/refill option + size you want. At check out specify which delivery address (within our delivery areas) you would like your order to be delivered to, and voila! You’re done.

Return empty, washed and dry glass containers for an in store credit of $1.50 each and apply towards future purchases.

2. Book a WeFill House Call (approx 30 mins) and our pop up market will come to you! We stock all of our bulk refill products in our mobile store (customized cargo van) and come to your home or business. Use your own containers to save money or you can still purchase ours if you don't have any. House calls are a convenient and personalized refillery experience ensuring complete satisfaction. Send us an email at refill@wefillmobilemarketandrefillery.ca to book your perfect day and time! 

3. Find us at one our many local Pop up Markets. Times and locations will be posted to our Instagram and feed and are weather dependent. Don't forget to BYOC (bring your own containers).


Squamish House Calls: Seven days a week

Whistler House Calls: Wednesday

Pemberton House Calls: Wednesday

North & West Vancouver: Friday or by appointment.


Squamish delivery: Same day delivery, seven days a week.

Whistler delivery: Wednesday

Pemberton delivery: Wednesday

North & West Vancouver: Friday or by appointment.

HOW DOES THE CONTAINER REFUND PROGRAM WORK? You can return your empty, clean and dry, sustainable glass containers to us for a credit of $1.50 (per container) towards your next purchase. Or just bring them with you to refill at our next pop up market or event. Better yet -book a WeFill house call appointment for a more personalized shopping experience and we’ll come to you! 

HOW DO WE CONTACT A REAL PERSON AT WEFILL? We are happy to be available to you: Seven days a week during our regular business hours (8-6pm) by DM, email or you can even WhatsApp us!

WHAT IS WEFILL’s RETURN POLICY? We are committed to rigourously testing our products ourselves. (we may enlist a lucky friend or two as well) when curating premium, quality, trusted zero waste offerings from brands that you may already love and enjoy. Due to the nature of our products, and our strict COVID19 safety protocols and procedures, we don’t accept returns or exchanges.

However, with that being said. IF for any reason you are unhappy or have questions about the products you purchased through us, we would love to hear from you, and of course we won't be happy until you are happy. So we will always do our absolute best to make it right and to ensure that at the end of the day you are 100% satisfied. That's our promise.

DOES WEFILL SHIP? WeFill’s foremost commitment is to serve the Sea to Sky residents and businesses with our mobile refillery. We have the highest customer care standards and so we have made the decision to focus on our regional clientele with personalized shopping and FREE local delivery with NO MINIMUMS.

However, if can't source the same products in your local area, drop us a line and we'll work something out.

Additionally, to continue to do OUR part, in the global effort in reducing the environmental impact of single use plastics, packaging, and diverting needless waste from landfills- WeFill avoids the use of single use plastics whenever possible and always requests no unnecessary 'extra' packaging from our conscientious Canadian suppliers.

Any empty containers and packaging we do produce, are reused, repurposed, donated, and lastly sorted and recycled to the highest standards.