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Let's stay safe! (COVID19)

WeFill ensures the highest standards for our customers we adhere to BC's provincial COVID19 Safety Plans, protocols and mask mandate.

  • When prepping orders and making deliveries our staff wear masks, wash hands before/after and between orders and sanitize prepping areas before touching products or any packaging.
  • Refillable products are dispensed from sterile manufacture direct bulk containers into clean, sanitized jars and vessels.
  • WeFill only accepts glass canning jars for returns and refills that are empty, cleaned and sanitized.
  • Our mobile shop/van only has room for one attendant. We kindly ask that you stay outside our pop up shop while ordering and waiting. Thank you for understanding. 
  • We offer many contactless payment options, delivery and refills.
  • Staff are fully vaccinated.

If you have more questions or concerns please email us! We would love to hear from you!

refill@wefillmobilemarketandrefillery.ca or Text/Call 250-836-3603