This Zero Waste Life — bees wax wraps

(GUEST BLOG) Earth Day is Every Day – Make the Planet Your Priority

Posted by Laura Wittenzellner on

The Earth Day Movement is a fantastic online resource that supports organizations and individuals on their quest to becoming environmental stewards. We are encouraged to incorporate daily Simple Acts of Green that avoid waste, reduce our carbon footprints, and therefore help and protect our beautiful planet. 

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(GUEST BLOG) Breaking up with Plastics -My Zero Waste Love Affair

Posted by Amy Fast on

Sometimes love happens fast and sometimes it takes time. What I’ve realized along my personal zero waste journey is that I fall into the second group. My experience is that, even though I’m already a recycler, composter, and re-user, it still bothers me to see the waste our two person household generates on a monthly basis.   A perfect zero waste life sounds daunting to me and so far from where I am now. Plus, doing things the way we’ve always done them is a lot easier. Old habits are hard to change and the convenience of single use items is...

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