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Treat yo teeth and protect our planet with our plastic-free and petroleum-free dental floss. The best zero-waste, natural dental floss ever.

Your mouth will love this natural, compostable, zero-waste dental floss and the light fresh taste of mint that it leaves your mouth. Teeth will feel squeaky clean and you know it's also chemical-free. 

Canadian sourced zero waste floss is perfect for people with tightly spaced teeth and will keep your smile looking great. Completely free of any discomfort or waste. T

o make things even better, each time you run out of eco friendly floss, simply transfer a new spool into the glass container from your refill pack (sold separately) and your new supply of environmentally friendly dental floss is ready to use. 

  • Canadian
  • Chemical Free
  • Biodegradable Dental Floss*
  • Eco-Friendly Dental Floss
  • Plastic-Free Dental Floss*
  • Zero-Waste Dental Floss
  • Traditional Plastic Dental Floss Alternative
  • Reusable Glass Container
  • Compostable Packaging

Switch to plastic-free dental floss from Canada today and enjoy the all-natural benefits of this simple alternative, while keeping plastic and petroleum floss out of our landfills.

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