Organic Cloth Bulk Bags

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Made in Squamish, with organic, unbleached cotton muslin. These zero waste bulk and produce bags with elastic toggles are simply awesome. Pack these along on your grocery store visits and refill with most kinds of produce and bulk food items.

Like all of our products at WeFill, they also have a long life cycle and can be washed and reused again and again for many years.

The smallest size is perfect for fresh herbs and spices while the largest is great for root veggies and potatoes or delicate lettuces so they don't get scrunched. Fantastic for bulk items such as nuts, dried fruits, legumes, lentils and popcorn too!

Once home, transfer goods into glass or other sustainable and reusable containers for longer storage. 

Sold in sets of 6 (2 small, 2 medium and 2 large), and sets of 3 are available too.

Did you know? A single reusable produce bag will keep 200-400 plastic produce bags out of the landfills and ocean during its lifespan and its natural fabric can be composted.