Eco Living Club (Spring Scent) Laundry Strips

Eco Living Club

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Why ship or transport water?

Eco Living Club's bulk, sustainable, zero waste laundry strips challenge the pods and single plastic laundry jugs of the past.

Locally owned, female led, Eco-Living Club, has found a way to removed the needless water  resulting in an ultra concentrated earth-friendly, and skin friendly detergent strip.

Did you know, traditional liquid detergent is made up of 60-90% water. Eco Laundry Club is working hard at reducing the carbon footprint of laundry, not only in the Sea to Sky, but worldwide.

Worried about the ingredients? Don’t be.

Eco-Living Club strips are free of harmful chemicals and will keep your home, children, and pets safe and clean. Eco-Living Club strips have a super fresh light spring scent with just a hint of lemon.

Actively reduce your detergent waste and cost by switching to eco friendly laundry strips. One strip is two loads. Each sheet can be torn in half for a normal size load and a full sheet for an extra-large load.

Additional Info:

-Designed for standard and HE machines

-Paraben Free

-Hand or machine wash

-Harmful chemical free

-Effective in hot or cold water


-Cruelty Free

-Zero waste