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Bar Soaps

The Soap Works

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The Soap Works Natural and Eco Friendly Bar Soaps are now available through WeFill!

Be kind to your skin and Mother Nature!

We love the variety that The Soap Works offers for every skin type out there! Acne prone, dry, rough skin? We have a bar of soap for that!

Using all-natural, biodegradable ingredients, The Soap Works founders set out to make products that were as kind to people’s skin as they are to Mother Nature.

The Soap Works is proud to be 3rd gen family-run and independent for over 30 years in Ontario, Canada.

"From the very beginning, being eco-friendly has been at the heart of The Soap Works. When you purchase and use a bar of this soap, you never have to throw anything away, and our soap naturally degrades into the ecosystem."

Which bar soap will you choose?

Pine Tar

Traditional treatment for seborrhea, eczema, scabies and psoriasis.

Cucumber & Calendula

Cucumber is a mild cleansing agent and natural skin toner

Aloe Vera & Vitamin E

An all purpose healing & soothing soap with Aloe Vera and Vitamine E


Contains finely ground pumice grit that helps to clean dirty hands without chemicals

Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo

This clarifying shampoo bar will restore your hairs natural sheen by stripping away old styling product that dulls the natural shine and lustre of your hair.

Lavender Blue Glass Glycerine

Pure glycerine soap enhanced with the colour of ultra marine blue & scented with pure Lavender essential oil. (Our Favourite)

Shea Butter

The Soap Works version of the famous "Black Soap" contains shea butter and charred plantain skin.

Creamy Clay

Fine Bentonite clay absorbs excess oil on the skin without drying. Helps with bacterial acne.

Shampoo & Conditioner Bar

A soap bar that contains no detergents and Aloe Vera as a conditioner.

Sea Salt

40% sea salt by weight gently exfoliates leaving skin feeling smooth & soft.

Hemp Oil

Nourishing to the skin with anti-aging properties. Long lasting with an especially creamy lather.


Gentle all natural, exfoliating, complexion enhancing soap using fine ground oats. Lightly scented.

Tea Tree Oil

An all vegetable soap with tea tree oil. Mildly astringent, non irritating, antiseptic and anti fungal!


A soothing herbal treatment for oily skin. Contains dried Camomile flowers.

Bee Pollen

Contains pure bee pollen a natural source of vitamins, minerals & proteins.

Evening Primrose

A face and body soap rich in amino acids and polyunsaturates

Sea Kelp

Contains North Atlantic kelp which is a rich source of vitamins, organic minerals and amino acids that your skin will love.

Olive Oil

An unscented bar anointed with olive oil. A natural choice for face and body shaving

Goat Milk with Oatmeal

A mild and moisturizing beauty treatment for face and body. Made with 40% goat milk, with gentle exfoliating oat fibre.