Makeup Remover Pads

Tru Earth

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Soft, eco-friendly, bamboo reusable makeup remover rounds (14 of them) with washable reusable cotton mesh laundry bag. 

Made of 100% natural, sustainable bamboo, these soft rounds make it easy to remove make up in a gentle way with just water!

Say goodbye to nasty skin irritations or bits of fluff and residue that you get with disposables these bamboo rounds will leave your skin feeling fresh, clean and smooth.

Our makeup rounds are machine washable and quick to dry. With a bit of love and care, you’ll be able to get over 1000 uses out of each of these bamboo rounds. It won’t be long before you say goodbye to disposables for good.

You’ll be relieved at how simple of a switch it is from disposable to reuseable makeup remover rounds. It’s a small shift that can have a huge impact on reducing waste from getting into our landfills.