Mint + Bergamot All Purpose Cleaner

Mint Cleaning

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The best All purpose cleaner ever made!

Loaded with all natural grease fighting properties, and infused with antibacterial essentials oils such as: lemon, cedar, mint, bergamot and tea tree.

NEW 3L Party Pouch in SHOP

Sits nicely on your counter, easy to use pour spout, no leakage, filling your bottle with ease, refillable at your local refillery. Its like a party in your cleaning caddy. Party on!

Prefilled Options: 500ml (16oz) w/ pump, 1L (32oz) Boston Round glass bottles, and 3L REFILLABLE Pouch.

Refill: Bring or use your own containers (BYOC) and refill just what you want or need. To select a refill option for this product see drop down menu above. Custom amounts are no problem just get in touch with us to schedule a home visit! 

Ingredients: Distilled purified water, decyl-glucoside, coco-betaine, polysorbate 20, arvensis, melaleuca alternifolia, abies sibirica, citrus bergamia, citric acid, benzyl alcohol, salicylic acid, glycerin, sorbic acid.