Mint Cleaning Scrub

Mint Cleaning

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Finally! An all natural cleaning scrub that's tough on dirt and grime but is super gentle on hands and super versatile for a multitude of uses around the home. 

Can be used on stove tops, sinks, tubs, toilets, stainless steel, counters, window sills, floors, etc. Can also be used as a powerful stain remover on laundry, carpets, and upholstery, lifting out the nastiest of nasty.

This sweet cleaning formula is super concentrated, so just a little goes a long way! We're being super serious here. So best to start with a small amount and add as needed. 

Natural IngredientsSodium bicarbonate, sodium tetraborate, sodium percarbonate, decyl-glucoside, coco-betaine, arvensis, melaleuca alternifolia, citrus limonum

Available in 250g refillable* glass jar, or bring your own.