Nellies Dishwasher Powder


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Mother-in-law coming for dinner?

It's okay. Nellie’s Dish Powder will leave your dishes MIL ready because it easily penetrates through grease, food particles & more! Nellie's leaves every plate spotless! So spotless, that she might even stay for dinner! (Sorry about that).

Did you also know that Nellie's Dish Powder is biodegradable, septic safe, and phosphate-free? Above all, this plant-based formula actually works and is kinder to the environment at the same time.


Liquid detergents are made up largely of water. Nellie’s doesn't think moving water around the planet is a very good idea. The fact is, more cleaning power can be packed into a smaller space using dish washing powder. Just one tablespoon does the trick! 80 loads per refill! It's economical too.

Fun Fact! Nellie's is a Canadian company based out of North Vancouver and is known internationally for their amazing natural cleaning solutions!