Sisal Soap Saver Bags

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Check out these awesome zero waste bar soap savers bags!

Natural sisal fibre soap bags are a must-have addition for your low waste bathroom routine! If you use bar soap already we applaud you! Bar soaps are low waste, often package free and save millions of plastic bottles from the landfills. Whoo yay!

Now you can actively prolong the life of your zero waste soap bars, saving money, while also getting a nice gentle exfoliation too!

Say good bye to those nasty plastic shower puffs and meet the shower queen loofah. Sisal soap saver bags are 100% natural, compostable and dynamite at saving those tiny bits of soap that are too small to hold and slip outta ya hands like no ones business. 

Easy to use! Place your favourite soap bar or bits in the bag, wet and rub in between your hands to create a foamy lather. Exfoliate, rinse, hang dry and repeat!

What is Sisal fibre?

Sisal is derived from the plant, Agave sisalana. It is valued for cordage because of its strength, durability, ability to stretch.